Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week of greens day 6!

Sorry for the delayed post everyone, I got really sleepy last night and completely forgot to put this up! I also have to post my St Patrick's Day manicure! So let's move on to yesterday's post!

SH Lacquer Shine: Glow
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow!

This is a beautiful lime green with tons of gold shimmer! It's so sparkly it almost looks like a foil, but it's definitely a shimmer! I really love this color, my go to manicure (going back 5 years) was this polish on my ring finger and the rest of my nails painted with a black creme. It was pretty fly if I do say so myself.

SH Lacquer Shine: Glow
One more shot!

I love the name of this color because it really does glow! Unfortunately the line was discontinued a while ago, but if you do see these polishes anywhere, pick them up! They are really beautiful. And I'm pretty sure that Zoya makes a couple of close dupes for this color.

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