Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week of Greens day One!

Hey everyone!

So I decided that since St. Patrick's day is coming up and since I don't actually have to pretend to be Irish for one day since I am the rest of the year, I could instead show you some of my favorite green nail polishes! Some new, some old, some might be HTF but they're all awesome! Who doesn't love a good green polish?!

Today's color is...Orly Fresh!

This color was a part of last summer's "Happy Go Lucky" collection, which I completely swooned over, the whole thing was just PERFECT.

Orly Fresh
4 coats w/top coat

This may have only been 3 coats but I think it was 4 and worth all the hassle. It's an almost neon jelly/creme hybrid, and it smooths out pretty well. I loveloveLOVE the color, it's somewhere between grass green and lime green. And it's looks super amazing with a black crackle over it!


It's very late 90's/matrix/Monster Energy drink! I actually compared my nails to a can of Monster and it's a pretty good match. It's also a match for one of my favorite shirts for one of my favorite bands:

Black crackle + green + fave band tshirt

36 Crazyfists is a metal band originally from Kenai, Alaska and they are one of my favorite bands ever. And I wear this shirt all the time because I love them and I love the color/design. And now I can match my nails to my shirt!

So Fresh might be a little hard to find, maybe a Sally's or Ulta might have it, but I'm sure your favorite e-tailer still carries it, and it's well worth picking up.

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