Thursday, March 22, 2012

Entertaining ideas and suggestions!

Hey everyone!

So I totally polish bombed you last week, how much fun was that? I thought it was pretty groovy myself and it was kind of cool to have regular posts for a change. And I would like to post more, but I'm finding it hard to focus on one thing because I want to focus on ALL THE THINGS!

But the more I think about it, the more I realize I would love to have a lifestyle type blog, with a variety of posts, but focused on lifestyle blogging for the rest of us. I realize that with most lifestyle bloggers, it is something like escapist fantasy. However I think it would be nice to read a blog that is something you want to read, and is both entertaining and realistic! Maybe this is unattainable, or maybe it isn't, but I think that there's a market for it.

Is there something you would like to see in a lifestyle blog, or this blog in general? Let me know in the comments!

love and cupcakes,
Ms Meghan

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week of Greens day 7: St Patrick's Day mani!

Even though I'm sort of indifferent to St Patrick's day, being festive = fun nail polish, and I'm always down with that! I was going to something over the top and fancy but then I realized simpler was easier and could still be just as pretty!

And how could I NOT wear a polish called "Four Leaf Clover"?
China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover

This is China Glaze Four Leaf Clove from the AMAZING Up & Away collection. It's a seriously beautiful teal/green creme, which of course just won't be photographed properly. It's brighter and more green in real life. On my ring finger (my accent nail of choice) I did a coat of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original) and over that a coat of Essie As Gold as it Gets. So it's kind of like a pot of gold, but mostly it's just really pretty.

A note on the manicure: This is 1 coat of Seche rebuild, 1 coat of China Glaze Ridge Filler and 2 coats of FLC. I think China Glaze Ridge Filler is the best in the entire universe but it's a little HTF for me, so I don't use it very often. I do like to use it with really intense/pigmented greens to help prevent staining.

China Glaze: Four Leaf Clover
Slightly blurry, but still so pretty!!!!

I think you can still get the Up & Away collection from most e-tailers, and if you can, you should, speaking only for the brights, it's an amazing collection. The pastels are beautiful too, I'm just not a pastel kind of girl for the most part. Hidden Treasure was of course LE, but there are enough dupes of it floating around, and As Gold as it Gets is still pretty widely available (I saw it at Target last night!)

So that's my week of greens! I'll probably give nail polish a break, but I'll definitely be back soon with something awesome! Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!!

Week of greens day 6!

Sorry for the delayed post everyone, I got really sleepy last night and completely forgot to put this up! I also have to post my St Patrick's Day manicure! So let's move on to yesterday's post!

SH Lacquer Shine: Glow
Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow!

This is a beautiful lime green with tons of gold shimmer! It's so sparkly it almost looks like a foil, but it's definitely a shimmer! I really love this color, my go to manicure (going back 5 years) was this polish on my ring finger and the rest of my nails painted with a black creme. It was pretty fly if I do say so myself.

SH Lacquer Shine: Glow
One more shot!

I love the name of this color because it really does glow! Unfortunately the line was discontinued a while ago, but if you do see these polishes anywhere, pick them up! They are really beautiful. And I'm pretty sure that Zoya makes a couple of close dupes for this color.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week of Greens day 5!

Hello again, I'm back with another green polish, one that is widely available and I'm madly in love with it! Aaaw yeah!

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect: Sea
Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in Sea! (forgive the extra shiny cuticles, I was almost done swatching and my skin was so dry!)

I am in LOVE LOVE with this whole collection. It is 7 pastels (beige, 2 pinks, coral, blue, green, purple) plus a white and they all have this amazing soft shimmer to them. It's very fine and not quite warm, so they sort of glow and it's beautiful.

I saw these polishes popping up on a few blogs and wanted to give them a try, I bought Dune (the beige shade) and fell head over heels. WITH A BEIGE NAIL POLISH. So I slowly bought the whole collection (and bought backups of Dune & Fog [white]).

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect: Sea
Bottle shot, look at that shimmer!

The polish has ridge filler in it, so by the 3rd+ coat, your nails are gonna look soooo smooth, my thumbs have some horizontal ridges going on and with this polish they are non-existant. The only downfall is drying is a bit tricky and these are sheerish, requiring 3-5 coats. While I am not usually the kind of girl that tolerates anything that requires more than 2 coats, I completely tolerate it for these. YEAH. They are that pretty.

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect: Sea
One more shot!!! (Ignore the smudge!)

These are pretty widely available now, I've seen them at drugstores, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond (the ones that sell bath/beauty products). They run ~$5-$8 but Sally Hansen is on sale all the time. I would recommend this in a heartbeat!!!!

Tune in tomorrow for a slightly old school (5 years or older?!) Sally Hansen! Yeah!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week of Greens day 4!

Just like I promised, today I'm posting 3 Funky Fingers polishes for you! I'm so nice!

Funky Fingers is pretty much re-packaged Color Club, right? I mean, there are some colors that Color Club doesn't have, but it is nice if CC is harder to find and you happen to have a Five Below near you (where I find mine). Anyway, on to the polish!!

First up, Sold Out Arena!
Funky Fingers: Sold Out Arena

I'm not a huge fan of foils but I really liked this polish. It looked much better in real life, I didn't feel like I needed more than one coat, and I didn't have too much trouble applying it, and while it looks brushstroke-y it really wasn't.

Next, is a "funky fingers" exclusive (not a cc dupe) Mrs. Mint!
Funky Fingers: Mrs. Mint
I wish this color looked like the photograph but it is much more pale/yellow based, and the gold shimmer in the bottle was non-existent on the nail. Bummer! I would love a bright jade-y turquoise with tons of gold shimmer, but this was a standard mint creme with a whisper of gold shimmer.

Finally....TINSEL TOWN.
Atlantis vs Tinsel Town
Tinsel Town vs. China Glaze Atlantis, a color which blew our minds when it was released. Well, it blew my mind, look at how gorgeous it is! Anyway, I thought maybe these two would be close, and while they are close-ish, they're not dupes at all.

Funky Fingers: Tinsel Town
That's Atlantis on my ring finger and Tinsel Town on the others. Atlantis is darker and more muted, while Tinsel Town is brighter and I think the glitter is a little different. They are both worth owning (of course I would say that) but owning one or the other is a matter of taste/availability.

So there you have it, 3 groovy new Funky Fingers polishes! I hope you liked them, and if you did try checking your local Five Below or consult that wondrous oracle The Google to find out if they are sold elsewhere. Coming up in the next couple of days a pretty new and a kind of old couple of polishes from Sally Hansen, plus what will my St. Patrick's day manicure be?!?! Come back tomorrow, same cupcake time, same cupcake channel!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week of Greens day 3!

A quick post with a fast drying nail polish, how lovely!

Wet n Wild: Sagreena the Teenage Witch
Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Sagreena the Teenage Witch! 2 coats, no topcoat.

This is a rich metallic kelly green, it's not as dense as Buffy the Violet Slayer, which is a bomb ass color, but this is still beautiful. Plus it is a fast drying nail polish and I've yet to experience bubbling with these polishes, so that is super nice! Well worth the price, and plus the names are so silly!

I'll be back tomorrow, and I think I'll do my THREE new Funky Fingers to make up for today's short post!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of Greens day 2!

I almost forgot to post this in time! I should be in bed, fast asleep but instead I am uploading and posting nail polish pictures for you all. Aren't I a nice person? :P

Today's polish reminds me of villains, velvet, and emeralds, it's Ulta Professional "Green With Envy"!

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy

This is a nice, neutral black base with LOADS of green shimmer. It looks green most of the time, and when the light hits it, it's BEAUTIFUL. I especially love that the shimmer is GREEN and not olive, or teal like some greenish shimmers can be.

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy
I know this is blurry in the foreground, but look at the shimmer!!!

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy
Bottle shot!!

Just going by the ulta website, this color isn't there. However, the Ulta Salon Formula (which is cheaper + has more colors) has a color called envy which looks super similar and may actually be the same color. I really like the Salon Formula, it's inexpensive, with some nice colors and it applies really well. This applied okay, I think I did 2 coats here, but I don't think it was quite as nice as the salon formula. Either way it's such a beautiful polish, I would definitely say pick this up if you find it!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week of Greens day One!

Hey everyone!

So I decided that since St. Patrick's day is coming up and since I don't actually have to pretend to be Irish for one day since I am the rest of the year, I could instead show you some of my favorite green nail polishes! Some new, some old, some might be HTF but they're all awesome! Who doesn't love a good green polish?!

Today's color is...Orly Fresh!

This color was a part of last summer's "Happy Go Lucky" collection, which I completely swooned over, the whole thing was just PERFECT.

Orly Fresh
4 coats w/top coat

This may have only been 3 coats but I think it was 4 and worth all the hassle. It's an almost neon jelly/creme hybrid, and it smooths out pretty well. I loveloveLOVE the color, it's somewhere between grass green and lime green. And it's looks super amazing with a black crackle over it!


It's very late 90's/matrix/Monster Energy drink! I actually compared my nails to a can of Monster and it's a pretty good match. It's also a match for one of my favorite shirts for one of my favorite bands:

Black crackle + green + fave band tshirt

36 Crazyfists is a metal band originally from Kenai, Alaska and they are one of my favorite bands ever. And I wear this shirt all the time because I love them and I love the color/design. And now I can match my nails to my shirt!

So Fresh might be a little hard to find, maybe a Sally's or Ulta might have it, but I'm sure your favorite e-tailer still carries it, and it's well worth picking up.