Friday, May 7, 2010

Fear and Blinking in the TARDIS: The Weeping Angels

Note the First: I am perfecting opening and closing my eyes one at a time. Even now.

Note the Second: s3e12 "Utopia" is mostly a really lovely antidote to "Blink" (minus the end). It has great little bits of humor and the always charming and fantastic Captain Jack Harkness.

So in honor of a brandy new episode of Dr Who involving the infamously terrifying Weeping Angels, I would like to share some thoughts on timey-wimey stuff, except I'm not a Time Lord. Instead I would like to share some thoughts on fear and why the Angels are so very terrifying.

First though what are the Weeping Angels? They are the "nicest psychopaths in the universe" an alien race of "quantum locked...Lonely Assassins." If you look at them they appear as weeping angel statues because they turn to stone when being viewed by another living thing. However the second you take your eyes off them they not only move, but they send you to another time, and live off of the potential energy of the life you should have live but didn't because they sent you back to 1920. So you can't blink, ever. I hope that's clear enough, and I don't think it's particularly spoilery and furthermore the episode (s3e11) is old enough where I don't feel bad.

So why are the Weeping Angels such a standout boogeyman? Dr. Who is not short on spooks and scares by any stretch of the imagination. But the trick with something scary is that you can close your eyes, you want to close your eyes to make it less scary. and yet the very nature of weeping angels compels you to keep your eyes open and confront the horror, and furthermore, the horror is only made worse when you close your eyes. There is no escape, as you watch the episode you feel the shadows growing longer, the space behind you growing deeper and even if you were in an 8'x8' room, the smallest bit of darkness will feel infinite with the whisper of a terror sneaking up on you that you will never see coming.

And yet you can't look away from the screen not just because of the fear clutching at your chest. You're invested to the end because you want to make sure the monsters are gone, and that you can finally close your eyes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

sneaky new zoya pic!

I shamelessly ganked this pic from Eva Chen's twitpic feed. It's a low-res pic, with some high saturation but .....


And holy monkeys it is looking fiiiiiiiiine.

I really hope these are the final colors, because I'm jonesing for the bright turquoise in the upper left and the four shimmers(maybe some more duochromes?!) on the right. That blue/green one? Might just be my holy grail. Either way these look MAGNIFICENT.

Disclaimer: This pic was not sent to me by any promotional company and I receive no compensation for posting it. But if they want to send me free nail polish ..... HINT HINT. :D

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

nail polish announcements & my holiday manicure!

Hello internet friends, long time no see!

I wanted to throw out a quick nail polish post with a miscellany of items, some polish news and my holiday manicures. I have a couple of posts planned, including some claire’s polishes and hot topic polishes, don’t judge me, they are always on sale and awesome!

I also plan on actually posting regularly as soon as I get used to my brand new job! In the meantime some polish announcements:

-=- Zoya just announced via Twitter that their gorgeous spring collection Reverie is available for pre-order. The whole set is available as is the individual polishes, you can check out swatches from All Lacquered Up and Scrangie. It looks gorgeous, so I’m probably going to pre-order at least part of the collection, definitely Adina and maybe the 2 pink shades.

-=-Some people really don’t like Sephora by OPI, which I don’t really understand, since it really is a fantastic, incredibly long-wearing formula. I’m wearing Ocean Love Potion as I type this, and it is a gorgeous slightly grey teal cream that went on super smooth. Plus it dried shiny even without a topcoat:

See? It’s so pretty! At any rate, I just recently checked Sephora’s website and the new spring shades for SOPI are listed, though not available for purchase yet:

Cover Me in Petals looks like a pinky coral as opposed to the red-orange of the description. Go With The Flower looks/sounds AWESOME, a super bright pink sparkler, while Leaf Him At The Altar reminds me of an old Wet n’ Wild green shade, at least judging from the other website picture available.
It’s almost a camo type green with a gold shift, like Urban Decay Mildew.
And the rest of the polishes are all purples:

I like all of these actually, but the one I’m most excited for is It’s Bouquet With Me because it has HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER! I wonder if it will compare at all to Color Club Wild at Heart? I’m really excited for nearly all of these shades, but Sephora’s online swatches and images are notoriously different from the actual product, so I would like to see them in person first.

Holiday Manicure, a story in two parts.

Twas the night before Christmas and my tips were still bare … the horror! I didn’t want to do a red/green manicure as that was a bit too garish for my tastes, however I loved the idea of doing white and green together, and furthermore it gave me a chance to try out my idea for a matte white shimmer.

I used Zoya Get Even as the base and for the white polish used the following:
Color Club Ooooh la la! (bright white shimmer)
OPI Happy Anniversary (sheer silver/white crystal sparkles)
Essie Matte About You
The green is China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. I think this is a gorgeous manicure but the more I looked at it, the more I realized it reminded me of the Boston Celtic’s uniform and NOT holiday cheer. However, my awesome and smart friend Clio suggested that instead I do silver instead of white, giving my manicure both holiday cheer and Slytherin cool. She’s a smart cookie, because it came out pretty awesome:

Instead of the whites, I used Orly Dazzle with Essie Matte About You.

So that’s my blogging (don’t call it a) comeback. I will still be adjusting the next week or so, but then (hopefully) get into a 3 post a week schedule.

Disclosure: Any polish pictured was purchased by me. Any companies mentioned have not given me any incentive to do so, although I would totally be okay with it if they wanted to!! ;)