Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Legal Disclaimers

So recently, the FTC updated their blogger guidelines.  UGH BUMMER.  I think it's good, because there are bloggers that are not as transparent as they should be; if only we could get photoshop guidelines, right?!  But I think on the other hand, there are online magazines and real magazines that are as opaque as can be because they don't have to follow these guidelines.  I do have a disclaimer on the right-hand side of my blog that says: "Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any products reviewed have been purchased by Ms. Meghan for review/enjoyment."  And this is still true, but I wanted to hash out the details a little bit more clearly.  So with all that being said let's get a few things out of the way.
  1. Advertorials, sponsored posts, and straight up ads.  I have not done any previous to this post, and I also don't anticipate doing any.  I am a little fish in a big blogging pond but regardless if the opportunity comes my way I will comply with FTC guidelines and make it clear that this is a sponsored post (although TBH I feel like those are pretty obvious when people do them).
  2. Affiliate links: I don't have any and I don't see myself using any in the near future. 
  3. Products sent for promotional review: I don't get products sent to me but I am not adverse to the practice.  If a company were to send me a product for review,  I would obviously disclose it and also try to give a fair, balance, review.  I don't gifts with purchase, point-of-sale samples, or in-store requested samples under this umbrella.
  4. Conflict of interest:  Okay, this one is tricky.  A few years ago I applied and was technically hired to work freelance for MAC which as an FYI is owned by Estee Lauder Companies.  And then maybe 6 months later (July 2010?) I re-submitted my paperwork so that I could correctly be input into the system and conceivably work for MAC.  However beyond my initial tryout interview I have not spent even a minute working behind the counter.  So technically while I am "employed" by MAC I've never worked for them nor have I received compensation from them.  
  5. Any links in my sidebar or within posts are websites and/or blogs I go to on my own time and do not receive compensation for providing any links.  Any links posted on my Twitter/Tumblr fall under this with the exception of reblogs/retweets for giveaways.  While technically if I won I would be receiving compensation for promoting a blog, I haven't won yet.  Also I think that's pretty transparent in the reblog/retweet. 
  6. All opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of my employer.  I work for a very large corporation and I have no intention of mentioning who my employer is and what they do, however I would like to make that abundantly clear.
All statements made in this post regarding the presence or lack thereof of specific types of content are true as of the date of this post but are subject to change.  Any changes in content will be reflected in clear disclosures in each post. 

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