Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of Greens day 2!

I almost forgot to post this in time! I should be in bed, fast asleep but instead I am uploading and posting nail polish pictures for you all. Aren't I a nice person? :P

Today's polish reminds me of villains, velvet, and emeralds, it's Ulta Professional "Green With Envy"!

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy

This is a nice, neutral black base with LOADS of green shimmer. It looks green most of the time, and when the light hits it, it's BEAUTIFUL. I especially love that the shimmer is GREEN and not olive, or teal like some greenish shimmers can be.

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy
I know this is blurry in the foreground, but look at the shimmer!!!

Ulta Professional: Green With Envy
Bottle shot!!

Just going by the ulta website, this color isn't there. However, the Ulta Salon Formula (which is cheaper + has more colors) has a color called envy which looks super similar and may actually be the same color. I really like the Salon Formula, it's inexpensive, with some nice colors and it applies really well. This applied okay, I think I did 2 coats here, but I don't think it was quite as nice as the salon formula. Either way it's such a beautiful polish, I would definitely say pick this up if you find it!!

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