Saturday, September 17, 2011

PSA of the Day

If you were compromised in the Great Gawker Hack of 2011, CHECK YOUR SHIT. I never use my capital one card any more, and I don't log into the online banking site, however I recently received a paper statement and logged in today only to find that the last time I apparently logged in was 9/15/11 1:55pm. I was at work, and most certainly did not log in.

After calling customer service and the fraud assistance number I have been assured that:

1. No information was changed.

2. No new cards were ordered.

3. No attempts were made to access my account.

The Identity Theft Assistance Center is a pretty good resource, that link gives a list of member banks' fraud department phone numbers.

So in closing, do not forget about the accounts you think are unimportant. It is easier than you think for someone to take advantage of you if they have the right information.

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