Friday, October 23, 2009

Urban Decay 24/7 Swatches

So right now, beauty mavens are in a shopping tizzy, thanks to Sephora’s Friends and Family sale: through November 2nd use code FF2009 for 20% off. Which is pretty freaking sweet (unless you have no money), but then Urban Decay dropped this little bombshell on twitter:

UD Friends and Family sale? Oh hell yes sign me up for THAT, especially since traditionally it is 30% off.

To prepare you all for this wondrous occasion, I decided to swatch the hell out of my UD 24/7 liners. I’ve accumulated quite a few of the liners since their launch and they are the bee’s knees. They are creamy and smooooooth upon application, making them perfect for lining. However, since they have such a wide range of shades with incredible color payoff, I have used them to make complete eye looks. Even better, once they set, they stay put even without the inclusion of the cult favorite Primer Potion. Now onto the swatches!

First and foremost the new super-stash gift set is crazy awesome and was the motivation behind this post. It contains nine 24/7 liners, with four shades exclusive to the set: Oil Slick (sparkly black), Corrupt (rich brown shimmer), Binge (navy shimmer), El Dorado (bright gold). It also contains five shades from the current line: Zero (black), Rockstar (deep eggplant shimmer), Stash (dark olive green shimmer), Ransom (bright purple shimmer w/ slight blue flash), Graffiti (bright grass green w/ silver sparkles).

1st row: Ransom, Rockstar, Binge, 2nd row: Corrupt, Zero, Oil Slick, 3rd row: Graffiti, Stash, El Dorado

My two complaints: the pencils are bite-sized, they are two thirds the size of the other gift set liners. I have already fallen in love with Oil Slick and El Dorado, and I expect to love Binge and Corrupt and this set is the only way they are available. This brings me to my second point: UD has given no indication that the exclusive shades will become part of the permanent line. However if the exclusive shades from the Book(s) of Shadows are any indication, they won’t be made permanent and that’s a shame.

With that out of the way, here are the rest of my 24/7 swatches, including comparison swatches of various shades.

Top row: Gunmetal (great for a fast smoky eye), Ransom
Bottom row: Yeyo, 1999 (looks so amazing with brown eyes)

Top row: Lucky (bright, brilliant copper, so perfect!), Covet
Bottom row: Baked, Electric (out of this world bright, the swatch is a little washed out)


Oil Slick above Zero, Ransom (looking more blue than it actually is) above Lust, Rockstar above 1999

Graffiti above Covet, Corrupt above Bourbon, El Dorado above Baked.
Corrupt has a gold shimmer and is darker, while Bourbon is warmer and has a gold sparkle. Baked is bronze and El Dorado is gold, but I don’t have Honey to make a comparison.

So, there you have a rather exhaustive bit of swatching. I have quite a few UD eyeshadows (including a number of pallets and both Books of Shadows) so I suppose I could do that next if anyone is interested.

Love and cupcakes,
Ms Meghan


Tiffany said...

Hello! I found this post through UD's link on Facebook, so I thought I'd comment. I haven't been able to bring myself to buy the Super Stash for two reasons: I know how tiny they are and I already have all of the non-exclusive shades. MAYBE I'll get it when their FF rolls around. Going by your swatches, I'm dying to try Corrupt--Bourbon's a little warm for my liking. And it'd be a shame if they didn't make Binge permanent. It's so pretty and different from their other blues.

Rae // theNotice said...

Oh, lovely swatches!! The boxes rather than lines are VERY helpful -- I'm kinda feeling the black-laced-with-glitter thing that Oil Slick has going on, even though I've never given it a second look before.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the swatches! My friends' cousin will be going to the US in a couple of weeks time, and I asked her to get me the 24/7 Super Stash, I'm so glad I'm getting it! Pity I can't take advantage of the FF...

Ms Meghan said...

Hey ladies! Thanks for the comments!

Tiffany: I didn't have most of the shades, so I don't mind the repeats, and I don't mind repeats anway, because I use the 24/7s so much. Plus they are so tiny they're perfect for travelling!

Rae: I haven't tried oil slick on it's own, but I've used it over zero for a nice subtle sparkle. :)

Marce: You're welcome! It's definitely worth picking this up. :)