Friday, July 3, 2009

Nail Polish, blues and greens

So I've decided to post some polish swatches, everything is 2 coats + base and top coat.

OPI Russian Navy. Deep navy blue shimmer with pink/red sparkle. It's okay, but nothing I would write home about. It's hard not to love a dark blue shimmer though, I think it might be ingrained in my dna.

OPI Blue My Mind. It's a little too primary, I was looking for a dupe of a wet n' wild shade I used to have. It was a bright navy shimmer, and all I need with it is some red lipstick and bangs and BOOM it's 1996 again. I used the opi ridge filler with this and I think that's what caused the bubbling.

OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue. Navy shimmer with blue sparkle. Really wonderful blue, better than Russian Navy. I need to re-swatch this because this pic is terrible.

China Glaze Sky-High Tops from the Custom Kicks collection. I really love this color, and I didn't think I would. It's a beautiful shimmery blue. Forgive the chips and tip wear, that was after at least 5 days of wear.

Misa The Grass is Greener on My Side. How fun is that name? So much sass. And the color lives up to the name, it's a gorgeous deep green/teal shimmer. Forgive the visible polish lines it was SO HUMID when I did the mani. Despite giving them drying drops and 20+ minutes to dry, I still smudged my thumb so bad I had to re-do it.

I have ~12+ nail polishes to swatch that I haven't even worn yet, let alone what I own that I haven't swatched. And the 8 bottles of Zoya polish on their way (including the MatteVelvets!!!). And I'm eyeing a few more bottles of CG, Color Club and Misa. It's a terrible addiction.

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